The 3 Pieces You Need This Winter

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In high school, all those years ago, there was a popular, much-beloved boy that kept trying to bring his favorite pants into fashion. Every day was a new shade, a new attempt, and each time I told myself:

I will never wear that. Ever. Seriously, never.

Flash forward years later and here I am, about to espouse my new found love for this particular fabric. At this point, you’re probably saying “Hurry up and tell me already!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, that fabric is none other than:


If I reach further back in my memories, I can distinctly remember wearing corduroy in early elementary school. I absolutely loved it and would often refuse to take it off. Corduroy is incredibly soft and comfortable, as well as great at keeping you warm; seeing as I live in the northeast of the US, that trait is something that I will need in the coming months.

I actually started to see signs of this a few months ago and when I continued to see it crop up in influencers’ Instagrams and blog posts, I knew it was a trend to adopt early on!

Take a look a Negin Mirsalehi, creator of hair care brand Gisou (1|2)Β and parent of an adorable pup named Mosey, and see a perfect example of how to adapt Corduroy this Fall/Winter.

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The genius behind this outfit is that it implements this trend using items most people already have! Corduroy is especially appealing in a richer brown color or millennial pink. I’ve already seen corduroy trickling into stores, whether it is the sapphire blue corduroy miniskirt with 70’s vibe applique at Target or it’s the golden-hued brown belted wide leg pants hidden in H&M. I even stopped by Forever 21 and found corduroy overalls, like Negin’s, in classic black or Millennial pink (similar in red), which have already sold out.

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I recently watched one of Tanya Burr’s vlogs and in it she did an Asos haul which included a lovely burgundy corduroy skirt. If you missed it, here is her video link!

Now on to the main reason you clicked on this post: the 3 corduroy pieces you need.

Disclaimer: All product links are affiliate links, at not cost to you. All links were chosen purely because I loved them and wanted to share them with you!


Corduroy Jacket

If you’re a Stranger Things fan like me, you might feel a bit nostalgic about this first piece. In the first season of the show, Nancy Wheeler wore a burnt orange corduroy jacket that I practically drooled over and now I can get my own!

My favorite pick is definitely this Levi one, which is very similar to the jacket Nancy wore; For all I know, it could be the very same one.

Corduroy Jacket

Major luxury brands like Saint Laurent and Gucci released beautiful bomber jackets for the Fall/Winter 2017 season, making me wish I had a few thousand dollars to buy them all! Take a peek at a few more favorites:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

On the other end of the spectrum are these steals:

5 | 6 | 7


Corduroy Pants Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy pants are also a necessity these upcoming months and if you have to choose one style, grab the wide leg pants. If you have a body shape like mine, don’t worry! I have other great styles for every booty πŸ˜‰

1 | 2Β | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Corduroy Skirt

One of my favorite versions of the corduroy skirt this winter is the wrap skirt. Urban Outfitters has a beautiful and distinct collection of corduroy wrap skirts this season and due to the very nature of wrap skirts, they suit everyone! In my picks are skirts of varying length, because (a) it’s winter and (b) different lengths look better on particular body shapes.

An easy way to adapt the mini skirts for the colder weather, pair them with opaque black tights and black boots. You could even throw on your teddy bear coat or plaid jacket over top!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

All of three pieces have so many gorgeous styles, I can’t choose just one! Here’s some style inspo for daily life.

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What are your favorites? How would you incorporate these pieces with your current wardrobe?
Leave a comment below!

*Update: After my last post, the stores have blossomed with green clothes and each week fast fashion stores are adding more and more. If you want more green inspiration, check out my last post!

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