The 3 Pieces You Need This Winter

The 3 Pieces You Need This Winter

In high school, all those years ago, there was a popular, much-beloved boy that kept trying to bring his favorite pants into fashion. Every day was a new shade, a new attempt, and each time I told myself:

I will never wear that. Ever. Seriously, never.

Flash forward years later and here I am, about to espouse my new found love for this particular fabric. At this point, you’re probably saying “Hurry up and tell me already!” Well, ladies and gentlemen, that fabric is none other than:


If I reach further back in my memories, I can distinctly remember wearing corduroy in early elementary school. I absolutely loved it and would often refuse to take it off. Corduroy is incredibly soft and comfortable, as well as great at keeping you warm; seeing as I live in the northeast of the US, that trait is something that I will need in the coming months.

I actually started to see signs of this a few months ago and when I continued to see it crop up in influencers’ Instagrams and blog posts, I knew it was a trend to adopt early on!

Take a look a Negin Mirsalehi, creator of hair care brand Gisou (1|2) and parent of an adorable pup named Mosey, and see a perfect example of how to adapt Corduroy this Fall/Winter.

We're here!

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The genius behind this outfit is that it implements this trend using items most people already have! Corduroy is especially appealing in a richer brown color or millennial pink. I’ve already seen corduroy trickling into stores, whether it is the sapphire blue corduroy miniskirt with 70’s vibe applique at Target or it’s the golden-hued brown belted Continue reading “The 3 Pieces You Need This Winter”

Fashion Week’s Secret Star Color

Red has so far been the main attraction of Fall, with almost everyone owning a pair of red sock boots or over the knee boots. But during all of the fashion weeks occurring over the last few weeks, one color in particular stole the show:



Whether it be the Dior SS18 Green T-Rex or the green accents on the dresses in the Tory Burch show, the color of fresh grass was everywhere.

Here are a few picks you can wear now until you can get your hands on the SS18 items, which are shown below the picks:


Checked and Floral Dress

Green Embroidered Satin High Heel Ankle Boots

Leggings with Side Stripes


Frill Neck Sweater*

D&G “The Nail Lacquer” in Acqua*

Double Breasted Suit Jacket*


Shashi Lydia / Camille*

Kate Spade Square Stud Earrings*

Neiman Marcus:

Tory Burch Carlotta Velvet Flat Mule Loafer*

Urban Outfitters:

Good Vibes Aviator Sunglases*

Investment Pieces

You can be sure that these will be wearable for years to come!

Theory – Cotton-blend Velvet Blazer*

Gucci Soho Disco* Textured-leather Shoulder Bag

Chloe Faye Small Suede and Leather Shoulder Bag

Check out some of my fav picks from the New York, London, Paris, Milan, and Copenhagen Fashion Weeks!

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Saying Goodbye (For now…) Pt 1

Saying Goodbye (For now…) Pt 1

One Year

August 18th marked the one-year mark of my time in Korea, a year in which there were many highs and lows but one where I have learned more about what I want in life. It’s at times like these that we take a second to reflect on the good and bad times. Take a trip down memory lane with me as I recount major moments from the past year with EPIK.

August 2016


IMG_2746 (1)

I arrived in Busan, South Korea after a long layover in Beijing (a layover I really don’t recommend) to a team of staff from my recruiting company, KorVia, welcoming us with signs and a packet full of information and freebies. If you are applying to the EPIK program, I absolutely recommend going through a recruiter your first time if you don’t need to be placed in Seoul. Eventually, the EPIK staff organized onto buses to our orientation site, Busan Univeristy of Foreign Studies and to a week filled with training classes, cultural excursion, and a high humidity heat wave. Many clothes fell victim to sweat during the wave: may their souls rest in peace.

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End of Summer Edit: The Beauty Roundup

End of Summer Edit: The Beauty Roundup

Wow. Just wow, have I been busy. This month I moved back to the US, which entailed the menial bureaucratic nonsense that any cross-country move requires. Word to the wise though, I strongly recommend against using a Korean bank as your main account. In short, Korean banks are unnecessarily complicated. – End rant-

Now that I’m back in the states I have this unique opportunity. I’m getting paid to be on vacation for a month, meaning I have plenty of time to explore all of the beauty products that I missed out on this last year. The Korean government heavily taxes imported goods from outside the Asian continent, causing some products to be ridiculously expensive. I’m talking about you L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream ($64 in the US but 100,000 won in Seoul). 😦

Now is the perfect time to research and invest in a few of the most unanimously recommended products from this summer.

Read on to see a few pieces I bought during the Labor Day sales! If you’re looking for fashion finds, you can check out here and here.

The Ordinary

When a brand is this cheap but such high quality, why not buy a few products and test things out?

*Natural Moisturising Factors + HA – I am on the lookout for an inexpensive alternative to the L’Occitane cream and hopefully this is it!

*Colours (Coverage Foundation) – With 21 shades and great reviews, I’m sure to find a shade to match my fair skin tone without having to shell out the big bucks like I would for the Armani foundations. Asos sold out of this faster than I could order it, so I will purchase this at a later date (Fingers crossed that I have enough foundation until then!) Continue reading “End of Summer Edit: The Beauty Roundup”

2 Best Cafes in My City

2 Best Cafes in My City

There is a growing indie cafe industry in Korea and I am thoroughly enjoying exploring every. little. one. My city is considered very small and yet it has numerous amazing cafes, all with delicious drinks and incredibly Instagram-worthy aesthetics. The one catch about Korean style cafes is that they are usually dessert-centric, only serving cake, ice cream, and pastries. My go-to read and relax cafe, a mere half block from my apartment, is one such cafe, whereas my go-to work cafe offers paninis, a full breakfast, and salad as well as grab-and-go items. Thankfully I have plenty of indie coffee shops to suit any circumstance!

Take a moment to experience my two favorites below 🙂


Cafe Raincouver

My Designated Jane Austin Reading Cafe

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July 2017: 5 Must Have Shoes

July 2017: 5 Must Have Shoes
sky, skyline, city, city skyline
We stumbled upon an amazing sky bridge to Yeouido!

Welcome to this month’s fashion round-up!

If you missed last month’s, check it out here!

What really drew my attention this month was the variety of gorgeous shoes. A hands-down favorite of the bunch is the continuing trend of mules. In high school, my mum let me raid her shoe rack and in it, I found the most amazing woven brown leather mules that I wore to death. Unfortunately, those beloved mules bit the dust last year, right before the mule trend started gaining momentum, preventing them from their due glorification.

Check out my July picks of mules and more below!


Black Block Heels | Rebecca Minkoff Robyn | Malone Souliers Maureen Satin / Velvet Continue reading “July 2017: 5 Must Have Shoes”

Life Update and Get to Know Me!

Me on a sculpture mouth
A great picture from a great day on the riverfront!

Welcome to my life! I figured that because my blog has been up and running for about 5 months now I should tell you a little about myself.

20 Facts about Me

1. I am 25 years old.

2. My birthday is a couple’s holiday in Japan and South Korea : White’s Day. Yay chocolate!

3. I was born in Okinawa, Japan but would qualify to run for POTUS.

4. My eyes are grey blue. No one in my family has brown eyes.

5. I’m a coffee addict.

6. I am TESOL certified.

7. I earned my certificate in Barcelona, my second favorite city!

8. London is my favorite city. I visited when I was younger and it was love at first sight!

9. My ancestor was on the Mayflower, but I’m likely related through a female or non-first child.

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