Life Changes and Adapting: The Future of

If you’ve been following along with you’ll have read about how much my life has changed in the last year and a half: from moving to South Korea to a serious family illness to my eventual return to the US. Growing up as a military brat has ensured that I have become a master at dealing with change and adapting to my new surroundings, which will come in handy now.

By the time this post goes live, I will be done with Basic Military Training (BMT) just outside of San Antonio. You read that right, I have joined the United States Air Force!

I am an American Airman
Blinded by the sunlight, I took my oath of enlistment. The lady in black would become my closest friend in BMT.

Going in, I’ll be an Airman 1st Class (A1C). If you want to compare my rank with another branch, I am an E-3. Further down the road I will be applying to commission as an officer.

What does this mean for is my baby: I could never abandon it. I will, unfortunately, have less time to devote to it until late Fall. Thankfully I’ll be in a much more structured environment than before, so I should be more productive. My current plan is to schedule 30 minutes every day after class and at least an hour each day of the weekend, so fingers crossed I can stick to that! will remain the same contextually but because it is also a lifestyle blog and not just a fashion blog, I might write about my life in the Air Force. There are subjects I obviously cannot broach: I will try to answer the questions I am permitted to answer and I thank you in advance for understanding when I might not be able to fully reply to.

Joining the Air Force has been an exciting moment in my life and I am so thrilled and motivated to chase this life I’ve earned.

Stay tuned for more!

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