5 Essential Goals for the New Year

Sky and nature


I must continually correct myself whenever I talk about the eastern New Year. Growing up in the US, we always called it Chinese New Year but now that I live in South Korea I need to say “Lunar New Year.” There is an absolute degree of difficulty in changing an old habit; each day is an opportunity to decrease the degree. Each opportunity not utilized is a step backwards in tackling the habit. So each day, little by little, I slash away another degree.
This will be my approach to the year of 2017.

To check out my progress read my 4 Ways to Happiness post!

Goal One

Change bad habits (procrastination, laziness, classic problems)

Goal Two

Choose ONE language and learn it. No jumping from one to another when I become bored or frustrated. It’s definitely a recurring problem. Italian too hard? French it is then…

Goal Three

Make myself available. This could be something as simple as walking outside more often, taking a class, or joining a club. I keep wondering why I haven’t met someone yet and this is why. I don’t put myself out there to be seen. How can I meet someone if no one can see me? At the gym, I get on the treadmill and focus, eyes forward. When I’m done, I walk to the water fountain, drink some water, and then leave, all whilst listening to music. My body language screams “Closed for business!”

Goal Four

Back to said gym. After moving to Korea, my gym time has slowly been disappearing. In the US, I would go to the gym four times a week. I worked a physically intensive job, leading me to become rather toned before my departure. I miss that version of me.

Goal Five

Be particularly frugal. Then spend it. That’s right, spend an enormous amount of money on treating myself. It could be something as fun as a vacation to Paris with my sister, as simple as buying an investment piece of clothing, or as important as creating a financial portfolio. Currently, I buy things, little by little, that I don’t need.

Hmm, it’s Tuesday. I should buy kimbap, chocolate, and oh yeah … an entire coffee machine. Maybe $50 worth of makeup I don’t need, too.

I’m finally in a financial position where I have disposable money and now I need to learn how to use it.


Five goals, numerous opportunities, and an entire year to work on them.

Let’s get started.

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